The 4pballer Testimony of the Year 2023

At 4pballer we are adopting a habit of sharing the most outstanding story and testimonial of the year. A story that depicts our core values of resilience, determination, discipline and a winning mentality.

Amongst those we have worked with this year, Bram’s story stands out without a shadow of doubt, as one of the most fascinating and transformative stories.


Bram Van Driel is an 18 years old professional footballer who plays with Eredivisie Club Volendam F.C.


He made his professional debut on the 21-10-2023, something which seemed far-fetched a couple of months ago when he was released from F.C Utrecht in the month of May 2023.

Bram started his youth development at Ajax Academy when he was 9 yrs. He was released when he was 17 yrs. He went to fc Utrecht and was released at 18 yrs  before joining Volendam F.C.

From the age of 7 he did an internship at Ajax and from the age of 8 to 9 at Ajax and the AZ football school, after which he was hired at Ajax when he was 9


The mental trauma for a young player released from a club they believed is their dream club is not always easy to overcome. Especially when they were regarded as one of the top talents in their age group.

The many releases Bram experienced from these different clubs affected his confidence and ability to express his quality on the field tremendously. This took a toll on his self-esteem and made him doubt his own talent.


The Meeting Point:

Bram’s mother Regina, like any concerned parent, began searching for ways to help her son. She will finally get in touch with me via my wife Bernadette, after hearing from a friend that I could be of help.


The Kick Off;

We presented the 4pballer plan to Bram and the parents and also gave them copies of our book “How to Become a Successful Professional Footballer”.


Bram read through the book and work began. The first thing was to help Bram realize no one is responsible for his future but himself and he had to focus more on the things he had control over, than the things he didn’t have control over.

This simple switch of perspective and mind-set Awaken the Tiger in Bram. Bram became more focused and intentional with his training, his studies and his driving license exams.


We focused on setting clear goals with Bram, which were to; get a new club, pass his exams and obtain his driving license.  Bram is a brilliant and intelligent young man, his determination and commitment was amazing. I told him, “I am bringing the spices, but you are cooking the meal.”

The Bounce Back:

Bram had multiple successful trials. Bram and 4pballer used some metrics to evaluate which club was a better fit for him and after evaluation, he chose Volendam FC. During the break we had 1-on-1 training sessions to set him up for the new season. The field sessions were specific on midfielders tactical awareness, passing drills, body positioning, and top performance fitness drills.


Not only did Bram get a new club, he also passed his exams and obtained his driving license.  Talk about Bram smashing all his goals put together with 4pballer.


The Dream Happening:

Bram’s dream is to become a professional footballer. A couple of months ago, that dream seemed impossible and far-fetched. Believe me when I say it’s not a fairytale, it’s a true story.


Within the space of 4 months after joining Volendam, Bram was already delivering commanding performances with the Volendam U-21 team. These performances were rewarded with a call up to train with the 1st team. About a month later, Bram made his debut with the 1st team. Another month later, Bram made his first appearance as a starter in the first 11 in an official competition match.


As it stands now, Bram has been offered his first professional contract, can you believe that?  With this news, many agents and agencies have been lurking to see if they can pounce on the opportunity to do the deal. That’s just how the business terrain works. 4pballer is proud to have guided Bram and his family in choosing an agent that puts Bram’s interest first and offers consultancy regarding details in the contract.


Bram’s story and testimony is one of pure resilience, discipline, never giving up attitude and determination. Bram was able to achieve this because he disciplined himself and put in the work both on the field and followed all the guidance from 4pballer.


We hope Bram’s story inspired you to never give up. 4pballer is here to guide and support you on your journey in achieving holistic success. Make sure you sign up to one of our packages and receive the same support Bram got from us.



With 4pballer, you have the advantage in achieving your dreams and goals, be it in football or any other sports milieu.

Enoh Eyong mentoring Bram Van Driel

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