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The secret to football success: 4Pillars you need to know

Are you an aspiring footballer aged 15-17 with dreams of dominating the field? Are you a passionate parent looking to support your child’s football aspirations? Are you an active footballer between 18-28 looking to level up your game? Or you’re a transitioning footballer aged 29-37 seeking a new chapter in your career. Look no further than 4PBaller, a groundbreaking mentorship and coaching program founded by the illustrious Eyong Enoh, a former Ajax star with an impeccable track record.

Our Services are based on the 4P Framework

We believe in the power of the 4 Ps to drive success and fulfillment. Each P represents a critical aspect of our approach:

🔥 Purpose

At 4PBaller, we believe success is about finding purpose in every step of your journey, not just in trophies. Eyong Enoh, with his storied career, knows the value of purpose on and off the field.

We provide aspiring footballers aged 15-17 with personalized guidance to:

  • Uncover their unique strengths.
  • Set meaningful goals
  • Cultivate a mindset that fosters success in football and life.

Parents, we empower you to partner in this journey, ensuring your child’s dreams are grounded in purpose.

Here are some specific ways we can help you:

  1. We will help you identify your child’s unique strengths and talents.
  2. We will work with you to set goals that are challenging but achievable.
  3. We will teach your child the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.
  4. We will help your child develop a positive mindset and attitude.
  5. We will provide you with support and guidance as you partner with your child on their journey.

Everyone has the potential to achieve success, regardless of their age or circumstances. If you are an aspiring footballer aged 15-17, we encourage you to reach out to us today. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you find your purpose and achieve your goals.

💪 Performance:

Unleash your true potential with 4PBaller’s performance approach. Enoh’s experience in two World Cups and two Nations Cups and his role as Cameroon’s assistant captain comes with a lot of experience.

For active footballers aged 18-28, our program offers:

  • Cutting-edge training techniques
  • Tactical acumen
  • Mental resilience strategies
  • We fine-tune your skills, elevate your tactical understanding, and help you consistently perform on and off the pitch at your peak.

Here are some specific ways we can help you:

  • We will teach you the latest training techniques and drills.
  • We will help you develop a better understanding of the game tactics.
  • We will teach you how to stay mentally strong under pressure.
  • We will provide you with individualized feedback and coaching.
  • We will help you create a performance plan that meets your specific goals.

Everyone has the potential to reach their full potential, regardless of their age or experience. If you are an active footballer aged 18-28, we encourage you to reach out to us today. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you unleash your potential.

🌟 Prosperity:

We understand that soccer is more than just a game. It can also be a means to financial security. For soccer players aged 29-37, we offer a transformative pathway to help you transition into new careers.

Enoh’s journey beyond the pitch is a guiding light. He transitioned with finesse, and so can you. We are dedicated to helping you build a solid financial future that extends beyond just securing your money. Through our personalized career coaching, skill transfer workshops, and networking opportunities, we empower you to create a lasting legacy of financial security.

Here are some specific ways we can help you:

  1. We will help you develop a personalized career plan that aligns with your interests and goals.
  2. We will provide you with training and coaching on how to transfer your skills to other industries.
  3. We will connect you with potential employers and mentors.
  4. We will help you build your network and stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve financial security, regardless of age or phase in life. If you are a transitioning soccer player, please reach out to us today. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.

🌈 Personality:

Football is an art, and every player has a unique Style. Enoh’s career was not just about his skills but also about his unmatched personality. We nurture authenticity and leadership in all our participants.

Aspiring footballers aged 15-17 will learn to develop their own playing style while staying true to who they are.

Active footballers aged 18-28 develop charismatic leadership skills to become on-field inspirations.

Transitioning footballers aged 29-37 embrace their journey. They use their experience to make a lasting impact.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 A Family Legacy:

4PBaller is more than a program; it’s a family legacy. Eyong Enoh’s commitment to his sons’ football journeys is a testament to his dedication. His sons Bashan, Joseph, and David are thriving examples of the 4PBaller principles.
Join our community where athletes and parents support each other and grow together.

🏆 Achieve Holistic Success in Football

4PBaller is not just a football training academy. We are a holistic success program that helps you achieve your full potential on and off the field. We blend purpose, performance, prosperity, and personality to mould you into the best version of yourself.

Our program is based on the insights of Eyong Enoh, a former professional footballer who played at the highest level. Enoh knows what it takes to succeed in football and has helped many young players achieve their dreams.

If you are serious about achieving holistic success in football, then 4PBaller is the program for you. We will help you develop your skills, your mindset, and your character. We will also help you connect with the right people and opportunities.

Join us today and start your journey to holistic success!


I would really recommend the 4p mentorship program to anyone. I had struggles with letting people into my life and talking about personal things, but Eyong really made me feel safe & comfortable. This program really helped me to see things from a different perspective and gaining knowledge about things that I didn’t even know were so relevant to me. I would recommend this mentorship program to any other football player, especially the younger ones. Because this program really gives you the opportunity and support to become the best version of yourself mentally as a football player. Before I started with the mentor program, I was a little bit stubborn and I thought I knew everything. I wasn’t thinking about the importance of all the things that come together with a football career. After my injury I was struggeling mentally, but then I got in touch with the mentor program. Because of the mentor program, I came back so much stronger and I’m taking better decisions for myself, financially and mentally.

Mohamed Sankoh Professional Footballer
Mohamed Sankoh

I recommend football players to work together with 4pballer Because it helped me a lot in many areas. I often make a video call with Mr. Enoh, then we talk a lot about the mental plane of football, which helps me a lot because football brings a lot of stress. My challenge was to regain my self-confidence and with a lot of help from 4pballer I succeeded and I have fun and found self-confidence again. I also had a few private training sessions to get myself fit for the new season and that was also great. That is why I recommend working with 4pballer as a footballer.

Bram van Driel Professional Footballer
Bram van Driel

Unlock your Full Potential

For Aspiring Professional Footballers (15-17 years)

Take your Game to the Next Level

For Active footballers between (18-28 years) looking to level up your game

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